The Masterpiece Cafe

If there’s one place in our city where Butter Chicken is more famous than the history of Delhi, where the Paneer Tikkas are more softer than the softest of cotton and Butter Naans are crispier than paper, it has got to be West Delhi. This part of Delhi thrives and survives on butter, cream, chicken and Read more


Too Mikkii Tapas

Too Mikkii Tapas, a beautiful, compact, breakfast-cum-tea cafe, is a place where you can be assured that your taste buds will be satisfied to their very core. Located right opposite the Taj Hotel, near the Taj CCD, it’s fairly easy to notice, with its elegant board and the foliage the place is surrounded with. Read more

United Coffee House Rewind

The legendary United Coffee House has opened up a rad new outlet at the DLF Mall Of India and within no time, it has smitten all the Noida peeps! Having heard loads of rave reviews of the haunt, we decided to head on over to see for ourselves what the fuss was all about! Read on to know all Read more